Saturday, October 13, 2007

Badphairy Writes Her Local Politician

By Badphairy

I used to be so proud to be your constituent. I gladly and loudly agreed that Barbara Lee Speaks for Me.

Then I realized you were one of the people being eagerly conned by Your Black Muslim Bakery.

Did you really believe that all it takes to be successful and above-board are expensive suits, short haircuts, and luxury cars? Did you really believe that lack of financial oversight was some kind of gift? In fact, I don’t have any idea what you believed, but whatever it was, you believed in such great error that it cost innocent people their lives.

When the police are afraid of a bunch of twenty-somethings such that they won’t even write them tickets, there is something incredibly wrong.

When the police don’t even bother to follow up any crime less dangerous than a murder, there is something incredibly wrong.

When the entire city continues its slow-motion slide into a morass of lawlessness regardless of who it elects to office, there is something so wrong that it threatens democracy in a substantial and basic way.

I don’t know what the answer is, for Oakland, and I greatly fear the elected officials of Oakland don’t even know the right questions to ask.

I do know now, that the woman I thought was doing excellent work for Oakland, is far less excellent than I previously thought.

When you come up for election again, I will be taking a very detailed look at your opposition, since anyone who didn’t allocate money to, and pose for pictures with the Bey family will have an automatic edge.

What's got the Badphairy's hackles up? Here's a big hint.

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